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Barcelona accommodation

If you’re looking to move to Barcelona and in search of Barcelona accommodation, have you decided whether you actually want to live in the city itself, or would you prefer to live outside Barcelona?

Sitges has many benefits to living in the city, such as the close proximity of its 17 beaches, the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, Sitges offers a fantastic alternative to the Barcelona accommodation debate, whilst being just 25 minutes by train to commute into the heart of the city. In many cases being substantially quicker to commute from Sitges into Barcelona, rather than try to make your way across the city from North to South.

Properties in Sitges, will in the main be comparable to those of Barcelona accommodation and come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from a modest €180,000 for a quaint 2 bed apartment in the heart of the village, up to a ‘mouth watering’ €10 million for a 10 bed mansion in the Can Girona area.

Sitges International offers a full end-to-end property purchase and long term rental service in and around the Sitges area. Having been established for 5yrs and more recently for 2yrs as a registered and regulated Estate Agency in Sitges with a proven track record of excellent customer service, the experienced team are fully aware of all the potential issues that can arise during your incredibly important buying process. Also, having many contacts in the local building trade, Sitges International are able to negotiate on behalf of their clients, the best possible prices and help avoid any potential costly building issues.

Buying a property in Catalunya, is a relatively straightforward process, if you know what you’re doing. By using Sitges International as your experienced property purchase agent, you’re removing a whole layer of potential problems, leaving you free to concentrate on, and arrange the ‘nice’ parts of your relocation to Sitges.

Barcelona accommodation

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